meplat trimming and pointing die

cheif wsm

Feb 6, 2009
has anyone been experimenting with the pointing dies on VLD's or Matchkings at all? very curious to know what kind of B.C increases and consitancies are able to be reachedgun)
I have been doing this on several VLD's and SMK's. I have not seen any noticeable increase in BC, MAYBE 1/4 to 1/2 moa at 1,000 yds.
BUT it has decreased my vertical spread by about 50%. I shoot F-Class with both 6.5X284 and 30X8mm Rem Mag, in the 6.5 I shoot 140gr Berger VLD,s when I started Meplat trimming and counter sinking and then pointing, my vertical spread at 1,000 yds went from about 8 to 9 inches to less than 4. I got the same result from the 30 cal with the 210 gr Berger LRBT.
I have also started doing the same on two of my hunting rifles, a 240 Gibbs with 115 gr Bergers and my 7mm AM with 175 SMK and 200 gr WC. What I learned on paper with the F-class rifles convinced me it was worth the time and effort on the hunting bullets as well, especially when you consider that I will put less rounds through both hunting rifles in a year than I will put through one F-class rifle in ONE week-end.
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