Memorial Day 2023

My family put out several hundred flags today in the national cemetery. If it wasn't for Gluff I would not be here today. Gone but not forgotten brother. Until Valhalla.


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Its even worse than they stopped all these solid American traditions, along w prayer in schools.

Now, they teach communism, Marxism, CRT, Gender Fluidity, safe spaces, the 1619 project version of history, and of course pre K sex education. American public schools are dangerous for kids these days. There may be some exceptions but in general a high % of 12th graders cannot read, write, or do math.
History is what happened in pop culture yesterday. There is no constitution or understanding of freedom, liberty, government by the people, or anything. Ignorance abounds, and merit no longer matters. There are no SAT or ACT scores needed for college. The airline pilots,
lawyers, doctors, and leaders of the future may not be people who can read, write, and do math. But like Biden's cabinet of clowns and misfits, they are
qualified by gender or race, or political affiliation.

More Senators like Fetterman, AOC, etc. on the way.

Low information = Dumbed Down and No Skills Culture.

Danger Icebergs Ahead......
My wife told me recently she read an article that stated some school districts have/are going to stop teaching/requiring cursive writing, math, and English in our schools. (My handwriting is really bad but thats on me.) Are you kidding me? Is this a joke? What absolute idiot came up with this? Last I checked, this is still the United States of America. We got where we are by knuckling down, percevering, and not caving in to stupid initiatives. This country has a tough time already keeping our kids competitive in the world economy without being hamstrung. This is so very sad. I hate to say this, but I'm glad my mom and dad aren't alive to see this. 😮‍💨🤬
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We may recognize the Wars & Conflicts for our Fallen. But there are many other Operations that are never disclosed and our brothers & sisters that are gone never acknowledged. I have to say that the real heroes are the family members of our Fallen. They continue to live with the loss of their loved ones!
We have a big Yellow Ribbon tied to our giant Pecan Tree on our front property right next to the road. Had some people ask me why we had the Ribbon displayed. They didn't know that it is symbol for a loved one to return home from the wars. There are still a lot of Missing Veterans.
Went to the local cemetary today to place flags on my father in law's headstone
E-6 WWII in the Phillipines under McArthur. 1st Cav. In any local cemetary in America or at least in most states in most places you can see a flag on just about every other grave site. Everyone back then went. Everyone. The Greatest Generation. I watched Flags of Our Fathers last might. Clint Eastwood's documentary of the men who fought on Iwo Jima.
Very Sobering. It gives you new appreciation why Truman decided to drop the Atomic Bombs to get Japan to surrender.......


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