Medium or long action 7mm wsm

Discussion in 'Reloading' started by Colt45_13, Mar 22, 2019.

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    Jan 5, 2019
    LRH Members,

    Looking for some general numbers. I happened upon a Winchester Model 70 shadow chambered in 300 WSM at a pawn shop. The action seemed somewhat long to me so I went and grabbed a caliper off the shelf and made an attempt to measure the magazine length... I think it is a shade over 3". This got me thinking about a custom throated 7mm WSM... Does anyone have load data for a 7mm WSM with a COAL of about 3.0-3.050, possibly even 3.1" (I am going to try to go re-measure tomorrow with a Hornady chamber gauge)? Looking for powder charge and MV. Would only be interested in the project if I could push 175 ELDX's or 180 Bergers at around 3100 FPS (safely) with a 24-25" tube.

    P.S. Was I daydreaming or are the Winchester M70 Shadow WSMs a bit longer than your standard SA?

    P.S.+ I am a hunter, not a benchrest shooter, is the 7mm-300WSM really worth chasing over the standard 7mm WSM?

    Thanks in Advance LRH Members,

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  2. I built a 7-300 WSM on a long action, loading 180 ELDM's to 3.1" I'm getting 3000 FPS with RL26.
    I would recommend going with the 7 WSM, brass is becoming more available, and if you built it on a long action you'll easily get the 180's up to 3050.
    if you haven't bought a rifle yet I'd go with a Tikka chambered in a LA magnum round, simple re-barrel, and sanding the inside edges of your magazine with a dremmel tool and you'd be set.
    I wouldn't build a wsm on a SA