Meat bull down


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Dec 30, 2019
I have had the same type of moose experience happen to me at a fence crossing. Looked each way no moose, unlatch gate step halfway through, look up, and low and behold a bull moose and a cow moose 50 yards away wondering what the hell I was doing. I didn't have a moose tag that year but it was still a thrill.


Dec 3, 2015
Hey all.

I went out to our hunting spot the night before opening day here in Alberta for bull moose. We got camp set up and did some scouting. All we could find was bear crap and wolf tracks. We travelled quite a few miles and only found one scrape. Not looking good.

We spent opening day calling and hiking around trying to get a bull to come in. No answers, no sign, NOTHING.

My dad and brother were up there for 3 days before trying to get one with a bow and they had no luck with calling or anything either.

So we figured they were most likely with cows already and it should be any day that the bulls start looking for a new cow. Friday morning me and my brother went to a spot we saw had some fresh tracks the night before. We called a few times, listened, and still no answers. We decided to hike back and make beakfast. 2 minutes after we left i looked up the cutline, no moose, looked down to watch for sticks, looked up and a bull was standing in front of us.

I threw my gun up and fired. Both defend from forgetting earplugs we were celebrating instantly from the bull dropping on the spot.

The 230 hybrid did its job at 70ish yards in the lungs. Muzzle velocity was 2960fps in case anyone is interested. No exit but vitals were soup.

I always say im going to try and hold out for a big one, but it never seems to happen haha. Im a meat hunter, and antlers don't mean much to me. The experience and people involved is more a trophy than the size of the animal. View attachment 216279
“The experience and people involved is more a trophy than the size of the animal.” Well said and so true!

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Jan 9, 2009
sapulpa ,ok
Nice job . I went to northern Alberta in 2005 and shot my only moose . It was about the same size as yours , a lot of good eating .


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Feb 2, 2019
Tucson, Arizona
Congrats on a great hunt. Like you for me the time spent in the outdoors with family and friends is what completes a hunt.

Stay safe and eat well, enjoy your moose.

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