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May 4, 2013
sorry gentlemen, i am computer dumb! can not see the keys for my hands. i have reloaded since 1970. i am 66 yrs old

9young) i have bought an AR10 from DPMS . it s alright for most people. however , i am an impatient perfectionist. all of my rifles shoot sub moas. it does not make any difference gun or caliber. 760 rem pump, 300 bar, 30-06 carbine bar, 25-06 ruger #1, whatever. i can not get this LR308 to consistently shoot sub moa!! tried varget, 4064, H380 , 760, 4350, cfe 223. with 5 primers. it is the 16 inch barrel. am i asking to much of the gun?? i almost went crazy with the ruger #1 till i floated the barrel, put 1 washer against the screw then an thick O ring ffor the diameter, then a washer. it hummmmmmmms like new money. IS HELP ON THE WAY!! or am i just expecting too much??????????


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Jul 6, 2011
Near Napoleon,MI
Whats the trigger like ? I know the 7.62/308 models use a different trigger (as far as I know) but my own DPMS trigger absolutely sucked. I finally caved and fit a CMMG 2 stage trigger to it which was vastly superior. I cleaned up the working faces on that one too, but it clearly had potential, whereas the milspec type AR-15 trigger is basically a waste of time.

Compare this
to this

Do you notice that the sear has moved to a point at about a 10x bigger radius ? That reduces the engagement force and the perceived trigger movement/creep to disengage. The sear that is in the "original" position is now a safety sear that prevents the hammer from falling if the trigger was not pulled if somehow the actual sear were to disengage. This is more important for LE and MIL types who may sweep each other with their muzzles in close quarters.


The price has gone up some, but what gun related has not ? Still, $124 is not $230 up to $300+ which the regular name brands want for their AR triggers. That did not sit right with me on a $750 gun.
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