For Sale MDT LSS chassis 700 SA


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Jan 17, 2012
I have a MDT LSS chassis for a Remington 700 SA RH. It is the original version and has been bead blasted. I never got around to duracoating it. Includes Ergo grip, Magpul CTR stock with limb saver pad, Magpul rail for bipod, and Accuracy International 5 round 308 magazine. Also has the MDT fixed stock adapter if a different style stock is desired. The length of this stock is best suited for a barrel 22” or shorter. Would prefer to sell as a package for $350 shipped. PayPal accepted.B15C60F5-859A-4EDE-A661-39D9CEDDFCEA.jpegCA5697ED-0E68-4C73-A11A-09CF25F61C87.jpegBE26C8BE-F482-49DB-AA73-22DA779AD973.jpeg5619B24E-BBF3-4791-8954-F6D3E6F66C28.jpeg9B5FCF56-F34E-4E74-9B71-6A0719545881.jpegB15C60F5-859A-4EDE-A661-39D9CEDDFCEA.jpegCA5697ED-0E68-4C73-A11A-09CF25F61C87.jpegBE26C8BE-F482-49DB-AA73-22DA779AD973.jpeg5619B24E-BBF3-4791-8954-F6D3E6F66C28.jpeg9B5FCF56-F34E-4E74-9B71-6A0719545881.jpegI’m

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