McWhorter .338 RUM


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Apr 15, 2011
I bought this rifle for a bear hunt, but ended up taking another gun. I don't think it's had more than 10 rounds through it other than the break-in I had McWhorter do. McWhorter is one of the best smith's in the business for hunting rifles. All their guns are guaranteed to shoot lights out. I don't have an exact weight on it, but I'll try to post it soon. It's VERY lightweight. The VIAS style brake tames the recoil very well. It's very pleasant to shoot. The gun has a few very minor scratches on the Atlas rail and various places from handling, but it's basically a new gun. Nothing major to point out.

I put Marine-Tex on the stock for added grip. I was planning on taking this gun to Alaska and it's always wet there, so I wanted some extra traction on it. I think it turned out great. I was going to have the entire rifle painted one solid color, but ended up leaving it as I like the color contrast. If you wanted to paint it, it would look like a factory job similar to a Tac-Ops build. I wasn't ever planning on selling the rifle, but hopefully everyone will like it.

I can't seem to locate the test target, but I've never seen a McWhorter than doesn't shoot lights out.
It was shooting well under 1/2 MOA with hunting loads from what I recall. Below is the email from McWhorter.

Mcwhorter rifles 338 RUM

Z- We built the rifle just as you specified

Stiller action

Krieger # 5.5 Fluted match barrel 24" plus muzzlebrake

McMillan Rem Hunter Edge stock- Painted Olive per your instructions

Matte Black Cerakote on all metal

BDL bottom metal

Jewell Trigger @ 1.5 lbs

Flush cups installed on LH side of stock per request, Atlas rail installed per your request.

Load development done with Barnes 225 Tipped Triple shock bullets (they shot better than the accubonds- 1/2" MOA. We stopped here per your instructions.

20 MOA Rail- scope installed, sighted, etc

20 Rounds ammo, load data, Hardcase

$5360 Rifle with Flush cups and Atlas rail installed, and shipping

I will sell for $3750


EMAIL IS THE BEST WAY TO CONTACT ME. I can't check PM's at the office. I will return all emails sent Mon-Fri 8-5 very quick. If you email me on the weekend, it will be Monday before I respond. If you PM me, it might be a while before I respond.

EMAIL ME AT: zachATmeadowsoilDOTnet



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Mar 1, 2016
I kind of like what he did to the stock looks good and I'm sure grip is better. If it were a smaller caliber I would be interested


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