MCR's 300 Winchester Mag

Kevin Cram

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Mar 9, 2004
Danville, PA
I've had this rifle finished for a few weeks now and just got finished doing load development for the customer tonight. Rifle turned out great and shoots even better. With 190g Bergers and H1000 running at 2925 fps this gun holds an SD of 2. Tested it first at 500 yards last week and it shot a 5 shot group of 1 1/4". Went out this afternoon and tested it at multiple ranges from 350 out to 750 yards and it easily held around 1/4 moa at every distance. I'll be taking the customer on a 1 on 1 crash course on long range shooting in the near future. I'm hoping he does as well with the rifle I as did. Here's the specs. Hope you enjoy!!

Stiller Predator Action
Wyatts MBE-2 Mag Box
PTG BDL Floor PLate
Jewel Trigger
Brux barrel / 1-11 twist / #4 contour / finished at 26"
Interrupted flutes Cerakoted Graphite Black
Mini Magnum Muscle Brake
Royal Jacarda Custom Laminate Stock
Pillar Bedded
Stiller 20 moa Picatinny Rail
Seekins Rings
Sightron 6-24 x 50 moa reticle scope
RWS 300 Win Mag Brass
H1000 Powder
Fed 215 Primers
190g Berger Hunting Bullets

Roy Finney 300 Win Mag #1.jpg

Roy Finney 300 Win Mag #2.jpg

Roy Finney 300 Win Mag #3.jpg

Roy Finney 300 Win Mag #4.jpg


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Oct 31, 2009
Thunder Basin, WY
**** fine looking and excellent good shooting too.

Nicely done Kevin.

Sounds like exceptional precision for a #4 tube in 30 caliber.


Feb 17, 2012
Not sure of the stock weight, but this is the rifle he made for me and it weights almost exactly 10 pounds with optics and a 13in Harris bipod. The stocks he has made locally, but I'm not sure of the exact details. It looks good here, but honestly the pictures do it no justice. I'm still impressed and as he mentioned it really shoots. This is definitely not the last rifle he will be making for me.

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