SOLD/EXPIRED McMillan Winchester Model 70 LA


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Dec 15, 2006
SOLD PENDING FUNDS McMillan Lazzeroni Sporter custom drop in Winchester Model 70 Long Action. Olive, black, and grey with Decelerator pad and sling studs. $450 shipped.IMG_20171013_104933.jpg
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As per a question on another forum, this stock weighs 2lb 9oz
What is the barrel contour?

Could we see a picture of the action area and barrel channel?

Thank you!
The inside width at the fore end of the bbl channel is .750", McMillan site says up to #7 contour. Looks like there's plenty of room to open it up if need be. Marioq has dibs depending on whether or not its the correct inlet, otherwise its still available.IMG_20171013_104923.jpg IMG_20171013_104942.jpg IMG_20171013_104950.jpg
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