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    Oct 28, 2003
    Over the last two years, project guns have included McMillan A-4 and A-5 Tactical Stocks. I have to say I like them both and both stocks as applied to the M700 and M70 are a joy to shoot. Excellent ERGONOMICS (Thats man machine interface to those of you from RIO LINDA) and adjustments provide reliable and rigid flexibility to the problem of changing positions and shooting conditions.

    All in all very fine and economical solution to the problem a shooting under a variety of conditions, not to mention being pleasing to the eye.

    D. [​IMG]


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    Just lovely.
    I gotta say, as nice as the A4 looks, the A5 is just that much nicer. The forend treatment loses much of that bulky "business suit" look, a wee more inviting.