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    Jan 11, 2005
    You can buy McMillan stocks, ready to ship at the LRH Store. Can Someone Explain what you get for each of the 3 different cost for their stocks FULL INLET, CUSTOM DROP-IN (completely finished), COMPLETE INSTALLATION(Includes pres. pad, studs, paintor molded-in camo or marble & glass bedding with aluminum pillars) and is it worth it to have the COMPLETE INSTALLATION
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    McMillan has a craftsman who does nothing but bed rifle stocks. His work is incredible. Other folks can bed stocks very well and their prices are lower. The process used at the McMillan factory is different, he beds from the rear of the tang to the front end of the barrel channel. He has access to factory stuff and procedures that other smiths don't. Beautiful work that has to be seen to be appreciated. If you want the best this is one way to go.
    GA also has a bedding specialist that does excellent work - Eric's work is acclaimed as being exceptional. Building sniper rifles for the Marine Corps obviously gave him good experience! My rifles bedded by George himself are not too shabby either...
    Bedding a stock is not really rocket-surgery but some guys just do a better job than others.

    The smiths here can tell you what full inlet means - I have only custom drop-ins and have one complete installation. Custom drop-in is just that, the stock has a recoil pad installed, is painted and CNC inletted to fit your action and trigger-guard assembly. This is the stock most guys buy, your barreled action will drop-in and the rifle will shoot well. McMillan suggests shooting as is, then if the bedding area compresses or you are not happy with your accuracy have a pillar bedding job done. I have had rifles shoot incredibly well as drop-ins, but in the long haul you are best to get the action pillar-bedded in Marine Tex or SteelBed. The barreled action is not going move, your accuracy will be constant day in and day out.
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    I believe the Full inlet price is for a stock that is fully inletted but not finished or painted.

    The Custom Drop-In is the stock I order mostly, This stock is fully inletted and finished as well, basically ready to bed and use.

    The Complete Installation is for sending them your barreled action and having them fit and bed a fully finished stock on your barreled action. You send them a barreled action, you get back a rifle ready to shoot.

    I agree they do top quality work but there are many others that do equally as quality work for significantly less money. Again they are top quality but pricy as well.

    Good Shooting!!

    Kirby Allen(50)