McMillan Hunter's Edge stock

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    McMillan Hunter\'s Edge stock

    I talked with Dick at McMillan last Friday regarding a new all-graphite Hunter's Edge stock for my Remington 700. He said that the stock has thin-wall aluminum pillars molded in (3/8" OD, 5/16" ID), and that the only bedding that is really needed is the front lug. I would like any opinions on how much bedding to do on a stock like this for an accurate hunting rifle.

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    Apr 13, 2004
    Re: McMillan Hunter\'s Edge stock

    Terry: Opinions vary, but most folks bed a hunting rifle from the front lug out to the end of the shank, or the chamber, whichever is shorter. Also, most gunsmiths recommend bedding the rear flange to ensure that the action rests in the stock stress free. The exception is ultralight barrels. Some gunsmiths, like New Ultralight Arms, will pressure bed the entire barrel channel. Check websites for Holland's Gunsmithing and Bansner's for detailed instructions.