For Sale McMillan A-3 Sporter and H&S Precision Bottom Metal plus magazines


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Jan 24, 2016
North Texas
I have converted to a chassis system so I will no longer need my McMillan A-3 Sporter. Stock is for right handed bolt and for Short Action, Rem-Clone actions. I had a BIGHORN Origin Action in the stock with a Sendero Profile barrel. Kick-Eez butt pad and 14.5" L.O.P. West Texas Ordnance did the origin stock fit to bottom metal and barreled action in 2019. There are a few normal usage chips/dings in the stock.

Stock is lightweight at 2 lbs, 4 oz and comes with picatinny rail for Atlas type tripods, as well as H&S Precision Bottom Metal and 3 magazines: 22.250/6 XC; 308 standard; Short Action Magnums (I had 338 Sherman Short Mag in that magazine).

All you need to do is drop your Short Action, Rem-Close barreled action into this bad boy, tighten up the action screws to 65 lbs and go!

Asking $750 for the entire package: A-3 Sporter Stock, H&S Precision bottom metal, plus 3 magazines. Will ship TYD in the lower 48.


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