McM A2 Stock



I don't so much LR competitions but Chris Jamison can attest to a PD that had bullets rain all over it at 1200 yards. I use the MCM A3 it is like a scaled down version of the A2. Definitly something to consider. Chris also has a stck on his 6.5/284 and the 300 Tomahawk that might suit your needs. I think Holland makes it.

Not sure if I have any pics but CJ does... e-mail him he'll help ya I'm sure...
I cannot send any pictures as I am not set up with a camera to do that kind of thing. I an state that I ordered a A-2, they said it would take 12 weeks, and it took exactly 12 weeks. I have owned H-S, Houge, Choate and Ramline. H-S was OK, but nothing IMHO compares to McMillian. I ordered a drop-in A-2 for a Savage 110FP, and it fitted perfectly! The egonomics are the best I have felt, and It is not very heavy. But it is SOLID! Very nice! My rifle and I are capable of 1.25 to 1.50 five shot groups @ 300 yds. That has not changed, and I have not even had it glass bedded yet, altough I will later. They are a litte spendy, but money well spent!!
I am considering this stock to build my next rifle. Looking to have a good bench stock and LRH stock.

Thoughts & Opinions Plz. Anyone with a pix of their rifle in this stock would be greatly appreciated, just email me. Thx..

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