McGowan 24” 35 whelen barrel & Boyd’s stock


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Jan 29, 2013
This is a McGowan 24” Stainless 35 whelen barrel. It has under 75 rounds through it. The only reason I am selling it is I used the action to build a rifle for my daughter. It has a 1-14” twist and is .723 at the muzzle. If interested I could include stock that is in the picture. It is a Boyd’s pro varmint that has been slimmed down with marine tex on grips and then painted. Used on 116 action with top bolt release. It is very nicely done and I can send additional pics if wanted. Barrel $150 tyd with buyer paying fees. Add the stock and will do $275 for both shipped.1A8731E1-EE9E-4EC9-A356-1F8C25D030D6.jpegA973C650-CCD6-4713-9E12-F84B40256B8A.jpeg27BC7AB5-4D8A-4E4B-B9C2-74EC1574A3ED.jpeg