Maxus vs. Benelli SBEII


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Jun 8, 2008
Im looking into one of these two shotguns. Im looking for something to shoot 3 1/2 in shells as well as the 2 3/4in although its primary purpose will be duck and a little bit of goose hunting probably 70/30 duck. I guess what im looking for is if anyone has shot both of these shotguns and your expierences with them. Thank you
I haven't shot both. Have a SBEII and nothing but good to say about it. Don't ease the bolt forward (just release it and let it slam) and it'll work. Disassembly and cleaning are simple.
I'm new to long range shooting but not to shotguns. I have never shot the Maxus but I have well over a 1000 rounds through a SBE while duck hunting in harsh conditions and it has always performed well. I hope it helps.
I haven't been hearing good things about the Maxus but I've rarely heard anything bad about the SBEII. You might check out Shotgun World as they have forums for Benelli and Browning that you could probably learn a bit more about each of those guns.

And not to throw in another choice but I really love my Beretta Xtrema2. Great auto-loader and tough to beat when you have the Kick Off system on it.
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