max point blank range or zero at 200


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Feb 19, 2009
just wonderin guys. what you guys set your scopes to max point blank range or zero at 200? (for hunting from 0 yards to 500 yards)
Lots of guys run elevation turrets of some sort of ballistic reticle on their scopes. I do a little of both but I also have a 257 Weatherby that will be zeroed at 300 yards for deer next fall. Still have to shoot to verify but at 12X the lower duplex of my reticle should make a handy aiming point for 500 yards and hold pretty much dead on out to 400.
I like to keep the top of my trajectory to about 3 inches. In my two LR rifles, 300 RUM and 25-06, I am getting 3400 fps which allows me to zero @ 300 yds which give me just less than 3" high @ 175 yds. With this zero I can hold on top of back @ 400 or about 2-3 MOA over at 500 yds (or dial). Less than 3300 fps and I zero @ 250 yds.
Zero mine 300yrd. Bulls eye zero, that works for most of my shots, then i just compensate with turret from there out to my max distance, where i hunt that is around 800.
I zero my flat shooters at 300 but I think a lot depends on what your intended target is and what other system you are using on your optics.....Rich
I zero my 300 rum @ 100 yards that's a lazered 100 yrds I'm good to 300, then I go to my dell past that :)

I zero at 200 yards and dial for everything past that.
I always zero mine at 300 that way I know from 0 to 300 is covered with no issues. My .257 Weatherby is zero'd at 300, and 7mm STW is zero'd at 100...fixing to be 300 in a few weeks.
I zero the 708 @ 100yards. The first mildot gets me to 300yards, the second mildot to 425yards and the third to 525 yards. This system works a lot better for me than PBR.
I zero all of my rifles at 300yds. From 0 to 350, I "play it by ear" and just hold under, dead on, or slightly over. Most bullets starting out with a muzzle velocity of 3000fps + don't drop much out to 350yds. From 350 on out I dial it in. JohnnyK.
I use many ballistic and rangefinding reticles for long-range shooting, and i never sacrifice point blank range to make a reticle an intuitive system (even hundred yd. intervals). I always calculate MPBR conservatively for no more than 3/4ths anticipated tgt. size. The reticle zeros are calcd. and tested usually at the optic's (2FP) highest power.
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