Max barrel diameter for a Rem700 action?


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Dec 25, 2001
Central Washington.
Now the largest diameter barrel I have used on a Rem700 action is 30" 1.350 dia.At what point is enough enough?.I've heard beond a certain diameter one needs to go to a higher end custom action,Any truth to this?..

Landon M.
Hello Landon

Your there as far as the diameter and length.

The Remington 721 and 700 action front diameter is 1.355" to 1.360".

You normally don't want to go BIGGER then the action diameter with a barrel daimeter.

If you went with a barrel block you could go to a longer length.

The Remington only has 1" of threading area and when you put too long of a barrel on a short thread area your better off going with the block.

30" and 1.350 is a nice configuration with the Remington.

Darryl Cassel
Thanks for the reply,The barrel I mentioned(1.350X30") Is barrel blocked..I was told I did not have to block it but that it would be a good idea to so I did.

Landon M.
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