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Jul 25, 2012
Guy, i have contacted a few barrel makers and some have responded that they do not work on my action and i need some advise on were to go from here.
1. the action is a VZ-24 made in the Bruno plant, it has a belgium 30-06 c/m barrel on it.
2. i want to remove that barrel and replace it with a c/m 284 win barrel.
3. i have not been able to find a gunsmith in my area to take it to, i live in the Longview TX area.

any help will be greatly apperciated.


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Oct 19, 2006
I am just an amateur gunsmith.
I have converted a VZ24 to 7mmRemMag for myself, as well as a couple of 1908 Braz Mausers.

I had to change the bolt face and extractor. You would not have to do that.

But you would open the feed lips.
Walsh made a drawing of how to open feed lips in the receiver for the magnums.

Here is a list of some of the stuff I did, what it cost, and what it weighed


A) Brazilian 7mm Mauser VZ24 action stripped from rifle, $137 Century 3/2009 36 ounces
B) Lothar Walther CM 1300 taper 7mm 26" Barrel blank $185 Brownells 5/2009 53 ounces finished
C) Standard 7mmRemMag reamer, .45" drill, .47" boring bar in 4 step chambering
D) High Tech Specialties [Bansner] stock $202 Brownells 4/2008 20 ounces
E) Weaver #S45 and #S46 steel matte scope mounts $16 Brownells 2 ounces
F) Limbsaver large recoil pad untrimmed $29 Brownells 8/2008 7 ounces
G) Oxpho Blue Cold Blue
H) TIG welded bolt handle, and bolt handle extension.
I) PAWS Aluminum bottom metal for Mausers weighs $65 Brownells 3.5 ounces
J) Rear hump of trigger ground down and reduced trigger spring installed
K) Feed lips milled .51" Wide and 3.5" long
L) Bolt face opened to .532" with carbide tools on lathe and mill
M) Extractor claw relieved
N) Wooden plug epoxied into hollow cut off stock butt ~ 2 ounces
O) Headspaced to .215", not SAAMI .220"
Q) Kahles Helia 3x10x50 scope with multi zero turret $630 CDNN 6/2010 16 ounces
R) Allen buttstock pouch, $12, 6.5 ounces with two rounds
S) 9"-13" Harris swivel bipod, $100 14 ounces
T) vero vellini 3.3" wide V19023 Wide-Top Black Sling $25 5 ounces
U) Weaver quad lock 1" high extension scope rings $12 ~~ 3 ounces
V) Devcon steel putty epoxy under 1" of barrel, behind recoil lug, below tang, above bottom metal, under scope mounts.
W) Loctite 242 blue on scope mount threads
X) Rust-Oleum camouflage paint 1919 deep forest green on stock
Y) Doggone good 2"x3"x4"rear field bag $35 9 ounces
$604 + $630 scope = $1234
177 ounces = 11.06 pounds calculated
weighs 11 pounds on scale

150 gr Nos Bal Tip 66 gr H4350 3250 fps average.
It shoot sub moa at 100y.
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Jun 22, 2011
Wow shows the change in times I know several gunsmiths that cut their teeth learning how to build rifles off an old mauser action and would take one over a remmy 700 action anyday to build a rifle from. I have a 30-338 win built off a interarms markX action and the smith that built this rifle wont touch any action unless it is a VZ-24 or a markX, but his rifles also start at $5,000.

Hope you find what you want if not get back with me I know a few smiths in the Tallahassee area that can produce a very nice product if your willing to spend the $$$$$$$$$$$.


Jun 22, 2012
South Carolina
Several years ago, several other idiots and I embarked on a couple budget minded rifle building projects over several months, using VZ and Argentine Mauser donor actions. All or our guns, five or six of them, were barreled and chambered by ER Shaw in .280 Remington. We were very satisfied with the results, all rifles shot less than 1 MOA @ 100 YDS, using ammo purchased from North Georgia Arms.

Those of us who reload have gotten down to .75 MOA with no problem.

These were budget builds. We removed the barrels, lapped the lugs, sent the actions to ER Shaw who installed and chambered 2 1/2 heavy varmint chrome moly barrels, then we bedded in synthetic stocks that vaired from the tupperware type to Bell and Carlson.

Our only screw up was we tried to cut and reweld the bolt handles. How did they turn out? Not too good. Never broke, but werer ugly as hell. If I had to do it over, I woud have had ER Shaw go ahead and install a new bolt too.

Although ER Shaw is not know as a premier barrel maker in our neck of the woods, we were very satisfied with the results.

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