Mauser 98 2 position safety


Oct 10, 2010
I bought a real pretty custom Mauser 98 in 270, built on an Argentine Mauser action. It's real nice except for one small little quirk. It has a 2 position wing safety installed, and in order for it to operate properly I need to first push down hard on the safety wing before I can then flip it up or down (up being safe, down being fire). Once I have the safety operating it'll flip back and forth with no problems, but when when the bolt is cocked I can't turn the safety on without first pushing down hard on that wing (and then subsequently flipping it up).

I was wondering if this is a bug, or a feature? If it's a bug, how might I go about fixing it?

I added a photo so you can at least see what kind of safety I am talking about. And a big thanks to anyone who takes the time to respond. It is much appreciated!


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Feb 25, 2008
Looks like a Timney 2 position safety to me. Some gunsmithing is in order by the sound of it. They aren’t always a drop in and need clearance within the bolt shroud as it takes up the firing pin pressure off the sear.
If it bothers you, have a competent smith look at it, it will be a simple job to alleviate any clearance issues.
You can field strip the bolt, push the firing pin into a hole in a block of wood or such, then push down compressing the firing pin spring and rotate the bolt shroud off the firing pin, the shroud and safety come off as a unit.



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Mar 31, 2010
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Let's get the terminology correct. The Buehler/Timney safety mounts to the bolt shroud, but interfaces with the cocking piece. The cocking piece is attached to the firing pin, which is what the safety is blocking in the "safe" position. When in the "safe" position, the bolt is locked and the handle can't be lifted. If you are familiar with the Mauser '98 system you can make this 'fix' yourself. If not, I would strongly recommend finding a competent gunsmith who is familiar with the '98. Safeties are nothing to fool with!


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Mar 1, 2020
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What trigger is used ? Many times if the trigger/cocking piece sear(s) point of contact is in a slightly different position than stock, a safety will be hard to engage. The different position could be due to someone altering sear surfaces for smoothness of trigger pull or from damage. Your best safest bet is to take it to a smit . Easiest fix is to remove rough edges ,burrs. More involved is to replace components, cocking piece, trigger.