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Discussion in 'Long Range Hunting & Shooting' started by Litehiker, May 16, 2018.

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    Sep 15, 2012
    Once we know we "need" a special rifle the next problem is a scope to match the jobe we have in mind for that special rifle.

    So let me build my dream rifle/scope combo for general western US big game hunting:

    ACTION-> Nucleus 3 lug bolt (a Remington 700 bottom profile)

    BARREL-> Proof Research (Bartlein is their inner barrel)

    STOCK-> light carbon fiber, currently Stockey's Long Range (26 oz.)for Proof's Senedro barrel with M5 Stealth bottom metal and Accurate mag 5 round mags.

    SCOPE-> Vortex AMG 6-24 x 50 (excellent all US-made scope excepting the German-made reticle)

    MOUNT-> Nightforce Magmount one piece titanium alloy, zero degree slope

    CARTRIDGE-> 6.5/284 (not quite a barrel burner)

    This rifle is going to be around 6.5 lbs. +- WITH the scope and mount

    So here I have a light, quality rifle, "fairly light" cartridge and a "fairly light" (28 oz.) highest quality scope with enough magnification for shooting out to 800 meters/yards. Yes, there are lighter scopes but not of the AMG quality level in that magnification range. The scope matches the rifle in both purpose and quality.
    BTW, The AMG has a 30 mm. tube with a patented internal reticle gimbal design that gives it exceptional range of movement relative to all 30 mm. tubed competitors.

    Other examples:
    -> Ruger 96/22 mag lever action - Bushnell Trophy 1.75 - 4X (1" tube)
    -> Browning A-Bolt .300 Win mag - old Burris Black Diamond 6 - 12 x 50 (30 mm tube) Not the best match but good "at that time".
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