Match King Kills - Pictures please


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Jul 8, 2003
Central PA
I have searched the site for pics of match king kill pics but there are too many posts to sort through to find them and not enough time for me to look. So due to all the hoop-lah on multiple boards about matchkings ineffectiveness i though it might be a good idea to post as many pics on one thread so it can be referenced to the non-believers.

This debate was most recently on surprise, surprise--it was actually a nice exchange of ideas, not ignorant dumbasses calling names and swearing impossibility. Its amazing how the quality of membership effects the tone of a thread--this is pretty well emphasized when the topic comes up on more general hunting/shooting boards.

Go over to if you get a chance--its a pretty good group of people, like the ones on here!!

ANYWAY--post pics of exit wounds, mushroomed bullets etc along with range, velocity, carteridge data. Whatever useful info you guys have to back up the effectiveness if matchkings. Also pics of matchkings gone wrong--if there are any.

Links to past posts will work also if there are good pics already posted and you know where they are.

please post as many pics as possible for my own use and as a reference for later discussion.


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I'm not sure even pictures will help. These folks are always ready to debate and comment on something they have never tried.

For years I had to defended the 1770 yd shot I maded in 1993 Varmint Hunter Magazine contest. I met alot of nice people and brought alot of folks in to the sport, but it always started out as "BS it can't be done".

I have only killed one deer over the thirty years with anything other then a SMK. No matter how many articles in VHM & PS magazine about our extreme ground hog hunting in Va. there's all ways one that steps up and say BS. So this will apply to deer hunting with SMK's as well.

One thing I have learned is to shake it off and move on. Until these folks try it, they will never beleive it. I'm getting to old and cranky to deal with it anymore.

My 2 cents worth, Vern Harrison

Someone once said call no man an idiot we are all ignorant in one subject or another, Amen.
Here's a picture of a recovered 338 cal. 300 SMK.

Distance to moose... 439 yards... initial velocity of bullet 2750fps.


Whitetail buck wound... ~170 yards 300 SMK muzzle vel. 2750fps


If it doesn't show try the link:

Bullet from recovered from moose

Exit wound on 225 pound whitetail deer

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Chris Jamison had a few of his deer.

Boyd put the 8 Point I killed at close range on here.

All were withj Match Kings.
I'm not sure what archive it's in?

I am one who will never use them again. 2 years ago I fired one (168 smk .308 ) from a m1903 at 100 yds at a doe and the darn thing zipped clean through the heart and kept on goin. The doe ran about 2-300 yards around the pasture and stopped about 150 yards from me before I got off another one and hit the head dropping it. Last year I got a 9 point buck with one , again clean in the heart with my m14 and it ran about 200 yards across a fence to anothers property. I ain't about to incriminate myself saying what happened next but in texas here you are not allowed to cross a property line without permission to retreive wounded game. Never, ever , ever, cross a fence to retreive game in texas unless you got 350 dollars to pay the county judge. Don't ask me how I know.
Last year also I got a deer and a hog, both fairly large with a then new to me handload using a 168 barnes xlc coated x in my m-14. Both were perfect heart shots like I normaly strive for and both hit the ground like a sack of potatoes exactly where they stood. The hog twitched a little but that was it. The knock down energy of the barnes is really impressive. If the sierra match bullets would take a critter off it's feet I am sure it wouldn't get back up and I really have no idea what the difference between the two is regarding knockdown power. I just know I am sticking with the barnes for hunting from now on. My rifle shoots them more accuratly too. Not knocking the sierra because I have rifles that shoot them equaly as well but the heavy barrel m-14 that accompanies me on most hunts prefers the x bullet. You ought to see the mess it makes of a prairie dog at 800 yards.

Here is a doe I shot at 130 yds with a 240 gr SMK from my 300 Tomahawk at an inital velocity of 3150 fps. She dropped on the spot.

The only thing I really feel I need an X bullet for is BB's (Brown Bear) up close.

The X bullet doesn't expand as well as the lead core bullets do after a couple hundred yards, even when fired at quite high MV, so they are definitely not my choice for very LR.

If I had a problem with a bullet zipping on through game and not doing enough damage to drop it, the last thing I'd replace the bullet with is an X bullet. I'd expect double the same problem if I did. It's really quite "odd" that your results went the way they did, I definitely would have expected the result to be the exact opposite. Any ideas as to what changed the effect? Coincidence, or have you put a finger on it?

Ian did indicate he was getting pass though shots with 200gr SMK's and not with 200gr Accubonds on steel at distant range, 700 yds I think he said. Maybe the SMK opens up a little later than one might expect it would, or just mushrooms much smaller in diameter letting it penitrate better than an X bullet even does...

Maybe it's that the X bullet holds more weight and thus travels through the vitals with much more retained velocity than the SMK had been. Everything may have looked similar in the end, but the X bullet was more traumatic to the animals... Justa wild *** guess is all
Whistle pig, I can understand your frustration/aggrivation with all the doubters. However you should not give up on them, The reason I say this is because there are alot of guys like me who never felt the need or desire to hunt long range, then things change to where for me, it is either give up hunting forever, or learn to hunt long range.
I understand there is a fella about 20-25 miles from me who has a 1 mile range. But unless you are already capable of that range he does not Want you there. I can't understand someone that knowledgable NOT wanting to help someone else getting started in this.
Remember it can be awfully frustrating for us beginners when people who are doing this does not want to share their knowledge or help teach even the basic long range reloading skills.
Fortunantly this site is very friendly to the newbies, and everyone wants to help us.

Thanks guys,
I will never give up trying to help folks that want to be helped. All this stemed from a post in Benchrest Central a week ago. It got very heated at times from folks that had never used SMK's to hunt.

Without ever trying them, they condemned the bullet. Several of us long range shooters explained how well the bullets performed at extreme long ranges but they weren't open to our experience.

I gues I'am just old school, I try never to put something down until I try it.

I wish you well in your quest for 1 mile shooting and if I can help in anyway please let me know.

Thanks, Vern Harrison
Vern, thank you for the reply. I do appreciate the continued help this site provides. It seems one of my favotite sites Beartooth bullets, is fast becoming, second place. There are folks constantly bashing this long range thing. Even though there are a few guys hunting long range there.
Most everybody is spewing the same stuff, can't be done, and the wrong bullet etc. I doubted or did not understand how to do this, I doubt I spend the dollars for the real long range stuff.But if I can shoot minute of moose,at long range,maybe 800 or so yards, then I will be very happy for a long time, I bought the LRH videos by Boyd and Butch. Those answered a lot of questions. First I will shoot out the Savage 300 rum, then I am thinking about the 338 lapua, or the 338 rum. I am still uneasy about a single shot rifle in the hunting fields. Just something I will have to work through!
Thank you for the continued support though I really do appreciate it.

Half Breed and Whistle Pig
I know when I first heard about long rang huntin I was intreaged and skeptical. Thanks to guys like D.C. Boyd, Butch and a few others I have seen the light. I have a target on my wall down stares with a 6.7 inch group and a score of 99. Made a believer out ame
halfbreed if you are concerned about a single shot wich I also am mostly due to a pack of hogs chasing me up a tree once when I was bow hunting, Get a supermatch m-14 type. They were made for the 168 smk and also can use a 20 rd mag. I built my own on a budget but I think it is even better than the factory ones. It is sub minute of prairie dog to at least 800 yards so I bet that would be a good moose stopper or whatever else you want to hunt. I have gotten hogs, moose, deer and a couple elk before with it. There are also a lot of doubters out there that think the 308 is not big enough for big game but I know better. Most of the doubters usualy carry huge magnum calibers and when they do hit something do so much meat damage they lose most of the meat. I guess that may be cool to some people to see a leg blown clean off but I hunt for meat and prefer to save as much as I can but also want a clean quick kill. With proper loads and careful shots the 308 can do it way out there. The M-1 garand is a fine accurate weapon too and is said to have just a tad more reach out and touch em than the m-14. It holds 8 rounds though. Are you into military types at all? I was in the service for 15 years so I kinda got used to them and now that is all I use. Oh I should have mentioned before about the power of the smk. It is what military snipers mostly use in their m40a1's and m21or m24. It works for them too. I guess I shouldn't have been so hard on it and may try it again. Maybe my experience was just a fluke. Who knows?
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