Match bullets vs. speed goats….

Brother, I wish I knew. I'm down to my last ~100-ish. Probably the 156 EOL. Not like I have a choice lol. If you have a better idea, please let me know. The rifle started life geared toward the 130 Cutting Edge MTH. It launched those at 3400 with devastating results but the BC of the 160 won out & I switched.

I’m still looking myself. Over the next couple of months of cull hunting I’ll be investigating a few things myself. I’m feeding a 7 twist 264 Win mag that has delivered a few hundred cull white tail with that 160
6.5mm 150 SMK @ 3113fps 183yds


6.5mm 130 OTM @ 2925fps 391yds

6mm 105 Hyb @ 3188fps 461 yds


6.5mm 130 OTM @ 2925fps 260yds


.257" 131 BJ Ace (SMK) @ 3283fps 331 yds


6.5mm 130 OTM @ 2925fps 381yds

6.5mm 130 OTM @ 2925fps 771 yds

Exit was brutal. Quatering away. Shot was a bit far back with the wind, but worked extremely well.

.257" 135 LR Hyb @ 3186fps 875yds

6.5mm 130 OTM @ 2925fps, 537yds

6.5mm 130 OTM @ 2925fps, 632 yds



6.5mm 130 OTM @ 2925fps, 454yds hard quartering away


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6.5mm 130 OTM @ 2925fps 771 yds
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Exit was brutal. Quatering away. Shot was a bit far back with the wind, but worked extremely well.

.257" 135 LR Hyb @ 3186fps 875yds
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6.5mm 130 OTM @ 2925fps, 537yds
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6.5mm 130 OTM @ 2925fps, 632 yds
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6.5mm 130 OTM @ 2925fps, 454yds hard quartering away
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Looks like they work 🤣
I have only shot ONE antelope in my life. My First Western Hunt. It was 1978 0r 1979. The rifle on that Mule deer and Antelope hunt was my Brand New Weatherby Mark V Deluxe, in 270 Weatherby Mag. The load in the rifle was the Speer 150 Grn Grand Slam , a 3000 fps load which I had made up for Mule deer. We came upon the "Goat", at under 220 yards ,and it was in the 14 inch range, and my guide said take it. So I shot it broad side, and hit it, and hit it again, and hit it again, all broad side, as it ran. I thought I was missing it, so I put two more rounds in the gun and fired a round out to the ground in front of it. It turned and when it did I saw blood trails running down from the three exit holes. I learned a sad lesson on my first antelope hunt. So for me, shooting tough big game bullets , on small ,soft skinned game, is a bad idea. Since then all my white tail deer and future antelopes, will be taken with bullets that will expand easily . I don't need thick Jackets and 18 inches of penetration on such small light animals. I have settled on the 130 grn Nosler Ballistic Tips, in both my .270 Win and my .270 Weatherby Mag. I am very pleased with their results. Never an exit hole. Many one shot kills. I would also love to learn more about the 117 Grn class of 270 bullets. So if your 107 grn. SMK's are working well, then it seems you have found yourself a really good bullet for your antelope hunting. Well Done Buddy !!
I would not be concerned about using the 107's. We long range hunted in Penna. with 7x300 Wby's 300 Wby's 30-378 Wby's and used the 168 SMK in the 7x300's and the 200 SMK's in the 30 calibers with good results. Are group has shot about 40 to 50 Pa. whitetail deer with good results over the years from 400 to 1150 yards. If you are going to shoot long range I would recommend a heavier bullet, I knew a fellow who hunted elk with a .264 mag. and used the 140 gr SMK with good results.
I knew a Gunsmith in Dalton, Ga that had a cult following of the 6.5/257 Weatherby AI. They all shot the 120g match kings at 3500, but brass life was short. They all had one-shot kills, DRT. I have no idea what distances they were shooting.
6.5-257 Weatherby AI = 6.5-7 Rem mag AI= 264 Win Mag AI, depending on the shoulder location(length of the neck)

The double radius sure does stop brass flowing into the neck
WOW. I am so behind the curve. As a lifetime .270 Weatherby Mag fan I am embarrassed to say, I never even heard of a 6.5 X 257 AI Weatherby Mag!! I like 120 Grns. at 3500fps. Thats fast!!
Lenny, my gunsmith Friend passed on that built those rifles, died of a heart attack while hunting quail.

The 6.5 x 257 Weatherby AI is a custom design from years ago. Today, a 26 Nosler would trump the custom afore mentioned caliber.

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