Master Bedroom Woodchucks!

The right tools for the right job!


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Wow that picture brings back some good memories from my days in Connecticut. I used to shoot out the back sliding door off of the kitchen table at crows that would land in the food troughs we would fill with surplus fruit for the cows. If the barrel broke the plane of the door they would fly off. They are some seriously smart and weary critters.

My wife took care of a couple of older ladies in the house we were living in and every time I would touch off the 25-06 there would be a little screaming coming from the lower floor. :)

Good Memories for sure! Sorry I didn't read all 32 pages so Good Luck with the Chuck if you haven't already gotten him.
Several years ago here in the country where I live in Northwest Alabama Several locals used to ride the roads looking for groundhogs. Well....I thought it would be funny to prop up a groundhog next to his hole (den) with a forked stick so the next guy that came by looking for a likely target would be shooting an already stone dead groundhog. Funny right! Well it worked. It worked on all of my fellow pig hunters. Well they got together and turned the joke back on me and had the nerve to hide and watch me do it. Yes I absolutely would have done the same thing. I thought it was hilarious!
Just knocked off another one. This one had evaded me on several different occasions by seeing me and running into a barn before I could get a shot off. Well, NOT this time. I crawled up behind a stack of lumber @ 75 yards away from her and eased over the top for the shot. 😁

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It always a noble pursuit. We must remember, it's Us or it's Them! Eradicate with impunity, gentlemen!
Where I lived from 1965-70 after returning from the Army. I had a building with a window that pointed up into a little hollow. The Holly had a 100 yd target stand and my garden. My work bench/shooting bench set below the window. I checked my garden and some of my bean vines had been cut off. On Saturday evening I removed the window pane. Stuck a rifle barrel out the window and set the rifle on sand bags. I was working on some project on the bench. A ground hog head raised up out of the bean patch.

The rifle was a 264 WM. The bullet was a Herter's 130 gr. round nose SP bullet built for small European 6.5's, And a weighed load of cheap 1.00 a pound Surplus 4831. I was using the load to fire form some new brass. The air turned sort of red around where groundhog's head was. Real ugly results.

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