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Ranger Rick

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Sep 6, 2019

I hit the trailhead at 4pm on Thur, Sept 16.

Two nights on the trail.

11,500 ft and 10,500 ft.

I got back to trailhead 50 hours later at 6pm on Fri, Sept 18.

Too tired to look for stars! It wasn't cold.

As to prep for high altitude, earlier in 2020 I hiked passes and/or summits of 10,700 and 11,000 in the Tetons three times before this trip.

One of them was an 18 mile day hike loop which gained 4,000 ft on Paintbrush Divide.

I will probably write soon about my six 2020 western mountain adventures.

I have about the same amount planned for this year.

Life is good at age 75 - - - (in 3 weeks)
Len, Amazing! You are in way above average shape and health for your age. RR


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