SOLD/EXPIRED Marlin 1895ss 45-70 JM stamped


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Jan 15, 2019
I have a very nice lever gun I got on trade that I have no use for. It’s a 1997 (serial 0303xxx…) JM stamped 1895ss in 45-70. It has some very minor scratches in the metal on the loading gate. Other than that, the rifle is in very good condition. No blast marks from being fired. I got it from original owner and he fired it less than 20 times. It has a 22” barrel. Front and rear sight still in tact. He did put a scope on it and the stuff you see in pics is loctite. I’m sure it will come off pretty easily but I haven’t taken the time to remove it. I can do it when I get back into town this coming Thursday.
Im not certain of value on these rifles so if I’m out of line on asking, provide me the info to put me back in line. Some I see for $800, some I see for $1400 for the same rifle. I can usually figure these things out but this one has me stomped. I’d take $950 obro shipped and insured in a hard case. I’d prefer to sell but I’d trade.

trade interest
I need a scope, leupold, zeiss, maybe others. 30mm tube preferred.
6.5 prc factory Ammo at realistic prices
Rem 700 bdl long action standard bf rifle + cash
Can be an sps
(I need an action donor)
Maybe a custom long action with standard bf
Shoot me some offers if you’re interested. Never know what I’m in the mood for.
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