Markus: Rem 700 7 Mag problem


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Apr 4, 2010
I have been having problems with my Rem 700 7mag. I think I have the answer now but would like some advice. It seems to shoot differently from my Burris bipod than it does from my "One Shot" vise. My question is... can/should i remove the two little pads from the front of the stock where it touches the barrel for I think that's what's causing the problem. One side looks like its rubbing on the barrel quite a bit more than the other side. Please advise.

Has anybody seen this before...?

It is so frustrating that I am thinking of selling it...

Thanks folks
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May 21, 2008
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First recomendation is to do a check of the rifle and make sure everything is in order. Make sure scope mounting screws and action screws are all properly torqued. Make sure the action bed is dry and clean, free from cleaning residue and any other debris. There may be any number or combination of reasons for your results, including the pressure pads between your stock and barrel. The first thing I would do after doing a check of the rifle is to shoot it off sandbags vs a bipod. That should tell you something. Make sure you are shooting off a stable platform. I was shooting from a poratable bench one day at my local rifle range and not getting the usuall accuracy. My bench didn't seem very stable so I switched my set up to the concrete bench and the accuracy improved greatly, immediately. If acccuracy doesn't improve, then try removing the pressure pads and making sure the barrel is completely free floated.

You might have a bedding problem or a damaged crown or something else. Hard to say, but give your rifle a good check over and shoot it off some sandbags from a good solid rest and then remove the pads if needed and see what happens.

God shooting, and welcome to LRH


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