Mark V trigger job


Nov 5, 2009
I'm not a gun smith so I would like some feedback. I have an accumark with a particularly crapy trigger. After some reading have found that these "adjustable triggers" will not turn down turn down to less than 3lbs. That is too much for me. This trigger also had more travel and a burr or some gritty feeling between the start of the pull and when the trigger broke. This is unacceptable from a new rifle.

Took the rifel down and removed the trigger group (after I played with adjustments w/o out success). Disassembled the trigger group and polished the sear and the trigger on my leatehr belt. I had planned to use 2000 grit sandpaper but didn't have any in the shop and it was late. So used the belt with about 75 strokes for each. I removed and measured the trigger spring. Afterwhich I cut off between 1/8-1/4 inch with sidecutters and restreched it to the origonal length to change the spring constant. ( If I were to do it over again, I would stretch it first, as it can mess up the ends). Once stretched, I "polished" the cut end with a grinder and reassembled the trigger group.

With the trigger pull set screw all the way out (before was close to 3 lbs) it was now on the range on one ounce. I increased the set screw and it added some weight, as it should, and I am now at about 8-10 oz. I set the travel adjustment at a minimum and I now have a light, low travel, very crisp trigger. It has always passed the bolt slam test and the bounce the butt on the floor test (even when the trigger pull was close to one ounce)

Any thoughts on the job? Do they sell an aftermarket trigger spring???


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