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Mar 2, 2002
Central Minnesota
Does anyone make a tactical stock for a Weatherby Mark V action that is larger than the McMillan A-4, A-5? I saw one yesterday and it was much smaller than I expected.
I don't know if this is of any help but Weatherby list their Threat Response Custom stock for $895US via their Product Upgrade. My understanding is that all barreled actions, stocks and bits and pieces listed in the various Product Upgrades can be purhcased separately and with the listed Manufactures Price applying when purhcased separately.

I too am looking at getting a Weatherby actioned rifle. The TRR Custom stock shoulders pretty well. The local store has it in .300-378. I'm probably gonna get one in .338-378 when I can afford one.
Nimbo, I have noticed that the TRR Custom has no place for a sling or bidod. Do you suppose a smith can install one as well as modifing the magazine to allow a longer mag. I'm going to use some very long bullets so I don't want to load the bullet half way in the case? The .300 Wby Accumark I have righ tnow is from when my Dad passed away last September. I also have a .30-378 that I plan to sell. For that one I would suggest a new barrel if you want to do some great things with it. But its your decision. One more thing, I'm 6-4 and weigh about 230.(muscle not fat) Do you suppose I should get a longer legnth of pull such as the 15" one?

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I have a McMillan Anschultz Style Prone stock in the shop now, it is big!!! Going on a Prairie Gun Works TimberWolf action, cartridge is the 408 Cheyenne. This stock has a rail on the forend for handrest, or bipod, or whatever you want. Also has adjustable checkpiece and a adjustable butt pad assembly. I will email a photo if you want to see it. McMillan will inlet for any action.
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