Mark Hampton takes a nice Bighorn


Jun 18, 2007
NE Wyoming
I will let Mark fill you in with the details.

Thanks to Ernie for posting the pic and thank you all for your kind words. I took this 10 year old ram in Wyoming. Handgun is an MOA chambered in 308 Win. topped with a Burris 3-12X scope. Ammunition was factory Winchester Ballistic Supreme 150 grain. The shot was 190 yards striking the ram in the top of the lungs. This ram completed my grand slam and that, along with 50 cents gets you a cup of coffee.
Mark, sometimes locations are very secret situations, and if you don't want to reveal it I will understand.

But...where do you buy your coffee for 50 cents per cup? :)
Len, Sometimes a favorite fishing hole, a ridge full of white oak acorns where deer/turkey are feeding daily, a walnut tree that's always full of young red squirrels, a prairie dog town that has never seen a human, and a 50 cent cup of coffee, are just a few of life's secrets that cannot be divulged, even among friends. I will tell you it's not Starbucks!
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