March 2.5x25x52 MOA.

Glen McHenry

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Jan 9, 2019
Hornbrook CA
Like brand new March 2.5x25x52 MTR-1 MOA reticle illuminated D25V52TI Series. Hawkins low rings with bubble level. Scope is bedded into the rings by Ryan Pearce of precision rifles.This does not mean you have to use these rings it's just way better than lapping the rings. It's not like the rings are stuck to the scope. They will come with the scope so all you would have to do is put it on your aftermarket action and you're good to go.
$2500 plus shipping. text or call Glen16078891639971526880525430204728.jpg16078892213361637127855034947928.jpg16078892621965980875864191058585.jpg16078892962465551086955815238937.jpg16078894414446052339102520101849.jpg McHenry 530-340-224416078899497303857301009499325773.jpg
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