Manners MCS-PH any feedback?


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Sep 30, 2021
I realize the Manners MCS-PH is a new offering, but thought I would see if anyone has any experience with it. The specs look good and it is relatively light weight. I am sure the wait would be long, but thinking about ordering one for LA Defiance.
I have had my eye on the LRH for some time. The only reason I did not go this route was the weight penalty. I do like the recessed bipod rail. Thanks for the feedback.
No. They are both light enough for me, I am not building 5-6 pound rifles with them so 4-5 oz doesn’t matter to me.

Gotcha, trying to get some hard numbers on them completed to compare to my HNT26 which is 34 oz. I also have an EH1 that comes out to 33.5 oz with the M5 Mini Chassis and 38 with a Hawkins DBM and SRS Arca/ Pic front rail. I’ve got three rifles that need stocks so I’ve been tossing around which way I want to go with them, less weight on the stock is more weight I can but into glass.

How does the grip compare to the LRH and EH1, is it the same or is it a bit thinner?
It is easy for me to get attracted to new lighter weight options. Typically there is a trade off or compromise that you have to deal with. The PH on paper seems to limit these issues unless you are looking for adjustability. The main issue is not being able to try before you buy.
Thanks for the link. If I order it today, it might be here by hunting season.
Yup !! I talked with Manners a couple times yesterday, got all my questions answered. Just gotta finalize options & color. I have a New AG Alpine that should be here in a month. I’ll get my build finished & dial in a load & use that setup early & then swap to the MCS Pro for
Late season. Be nice to compare the 2.
I’ll probably forgo the mini chassis, but I’m really liking the Forged patterns they are now offering. Not sure how to order the Forged online. I’ll call them on Monday.

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