Man what a rush, first relay win at 1K

Discussion in 'Long Range Competition' started by pacowboy, May 23, 2010.

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  1. pacowboy

    pacowboy Well-Known Member

    Jun 12, 2007
    Man what a rush to walk up to the board to see how you did, and you see for the first time, your name at the top of the sheet for your relay. I had the second smallest group of the day Saturday in the light gun at The Original Pennsylvania 1000 Yard Rifle Club. The Original Pennsylvania 1000 Yard Benchrest Club, Inc. The Birthplace of Long Range Shooting.

    7.319" (10 Shots)

    There is no doubt with our gun that we can do better. I had a great relay, as the wind calmed down for the first time all year in any of my relays. To have a relay win in only my 4th shoot ever is an amazing feeling and accomplishment. There are a ton of people I could thank for all their advice and help to get me here so fast.

    Our rifle is a Sid Goodling built Remington 721 action with a Krieger 6.5 x 284 Win Barrel, jewel trigger, McMillian stock, Baush and Lomb scope. Berger 140gr bullet, 48.5gr H4350, Federal Gold Medal Match primers, Lapua cases.

    Can't wait to start shooting ground hogs in the evenings and off weekends.