Maine Deer-What's Happened?


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Jan 12, 2008
new jersey
I just returned from the Dover-Foxcroft area of Maine.We(3hunters)spent a week on stand&stillhuntin those woods without seeing a deer!!Even the sign(rubs,droppings)were slim.I've hunted Maine over 30+yrs.but not the last 3-4yrs. What's goin on? Moose sign was plentiful. Coyote droppings all over!No deer! Dskiper
Hi DSkiper,

I'm not from Maine but (New Hampshire) and I don't know where your from but and all I can say is we got hit good last year with record snow totals and that put a hurt a lot of deer. NHFG shorten the rifle season in WMU A by a week and only allowed 2 days for antlerless deer. From what I'm hearing from guys I know that hunt up state Maine said it was hit the worst. I'm surprised none of the locals had mentioned that to you.
Hello, In response I spoke to many locals! yes,they said the winter was bad but I didn't realize till Isaw it for myself! It will take many years to bring back aherd.They won't get my licence money again!The season should be closed or cut to 1-2weeks max. I loved that state,u really earned your deer and usally gave up a good buck!Guess I'll search elsewere for next year! Thanks, Dskiper
Last winter was VERY BAD - lots of deep snow and cold temps. The DNR estimated up to 50% of the deer herd was lost in the Northern section of the state.
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