Magpul Hunter 700 Long Action stock, Has anybody tried this stock?

Aug 16, 2012
Kent WA
My Son has a new Remington 700 cal. 300 Win Mag. It came with a composite (plastic) stock and has been frustrated with the
Inability to get it anything close to a good shot grouping. I have replaced the original stock with another inexpensive (Hogue) he purchased. I didn't like the seating or fit of the action. That proved out to be a waste of time and money. So we now have an H-S Precision Pro-Series for me to install. He called me the other day and asked me to hold up on the H-S stock install.
He is now looking at this Magpul Hunter 700 Long Action! I don't have any experience or know of anyone that has tried this stock and I'm not optimistic about this. Can you guys come up with any reviews on this Magpul stock?
This is a link to the stock;

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