mag box for 700 action?

HH .338

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Dec 14, 2002
if i take a 700 action (from a 300 rum sendero) and put it in a mcmillan stock is it possible to put a 5 shot box mag on it? if yes how expensive would this be?
A detachable mag? I didn't know five shots were available in any of the mags? Or is that the question, go from three to five somehow?
Unless, this stock has a pot belly, no way that five rds are going to fit in the stock. The factory contour allows 3 rds and that is a close fit.

They may make a drop belly stock which will allow for more rds.

You can also talk to Boyd gunstocks. They make very nice laminated stocks and could put a drop shape on a custom basis. You could also modify their P17 stock which has a drop shape.

actually i was asking if it was possible to put a detachable mag on a mcmillan stock using a 700 action instead of using a hinged floor plate design like the one that comes on the senderos. i would prefer a dm design over a hinged floor plate one.

sorry for the mix up guys
Go take a look at the magazine HS Precision sells - hold your breath for the magazine prices, however. I don't know if what they offer will work with your cartridge.
I also have detachable Mag Rem 700 SS and I have had lots of problems with the clips. I had to file them down to get them to work reaonably smoothly but even then, when it's cold and the mag is full, it's hard to get them snapped in or out. Gloves or mitts make things worse. If the **** thing didn't shoot so well, and If I hadn't spent so much truing the action and bolt face, pillar bedding it, etc., I'd sell it and buy one with a hinged floor plate. Plus, I find I'm always panicking about losing my clips. I have two, and even so I still grope for them every now and then, worried I left tham at camp, lost them, etc. Off thread here, but my .02 cents.
I just ordered the DM for my 700 LSS.
I'm putting a new mcmillian stock on it, so I figured get the DM.

The DM I ordered is from HS Precision....

I'm thinking of not doing this after hearing all the stories.

Are those of you who do not like the DM referring to the remington DM or the HS Precision conversion?

Has anyone tried the HS Precision DM?

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