Made a mistake, is it a problem???


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Nov 18, 2003
DFW Texas
I got new brass and started with CCI primers in 50 cases but the load wasn't working. So I went back to Win primers on the next 50 and the load worked great. Problem is after cleaning and case prep, I put Win primers in all and noticed the ones that had previously used CCI primers were a very easy fit for the Win primers. Not falling out loose but very easy to put in.

Will this afffect accuracy??? That is 50 cases fit the Win primers tight and 50 fit the Win primers not so tight??? Am I stressing for no reason???


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Maybe the load with the CCI primers was a bit "hot" and the bases are a little larger now.

I don't think it'll make much difference in accuracy but your case life may be a little short for those 50.
i dont think it'll affect accuracy as weakened primer pockets still shoot the same as tight ones in my stick, however you might experience a slight drop in pressure. seems i need to add an extra click or two to have them get the same POI as newer brass.


Got a micrometer??? I'd be interested to know if they are of different sizes... I guess it'd theoretically be possible to carve a bit of brass off the sides of the primer pocket with a sharp primer cup but it sure seems like it'd be a hard push that first time in... (I know... but we ain't going there!!)
I got with my micrometer Small rifle Win .1748 CCI .1749 Rem .1747 and Large rifle Win .2101 CCI .2111 Fed .2104 big difference in the large rifle primer.
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This is in a 280 Rem, so yes Large Rifle. Sad thing is I read there was a difference prior to this loading. But I was not sharp enough to consider going back to Win primers.


Just keep an eye on the primer pockets leaking. If they leave a black ring on the bolt face, it'll start to erode a ring into it. Eventually, it'll crater the face under the primer entirely. This is one of the signs of wear to look for on a used gun to see how much it was shot.

I read it the same way Dave did, first run were overloads...

Compare the CCI to the Win in virgin brass and again in the overloaded ones, this will tell you how different they feel going in if the CCI is larger.

Now deprime (cci) them virgins, or shoot the primer out and load with the opposite primer (win) to tell if it in fact "scraped" the hole larger.... or your first run was overloaded.

I have some Rem primers that basically fall out of my 454 Casull brass, new Starline stuff. Anything else works, tight. Probably still setting in th cabinet. If they are I'll mic 'em too.
I did the virgin brass test and got the same result. The CCI was a tight fit and then the Win a not so tight fit going in after the CCI. The I reversed it and the Win was a nice snug fit but the CCI going in after was still a tight fit. What a pain in the arse.

I will shoot them mixed and see if accuracy suffers. Just when you think you have the loading and everything just right, you have to tinker with something and then everything gets tossed in the air.