M48A Mauser Rifle


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Sep 29, 2012
Phila Burbs

I am selling an 8mm M48A Mauser. This M48A Mauser came out of a collection from an Elderly Collector who is thinning out his Military Firearms Collection. It was originally purchased by him as a Collectors Grade with the additional cost of Hand Select. The collector grade M48As were unissued and placed into storage after manufacture. The M48A Accessory Pack was also ordered by him as an option and it includes a New Bayonet with matching serial numbered Sheath, a Frog for the Bayonet, a Leather Sling, and a Leather Ammunition Pouch. All of these accessories were in a sealed plastic storage bag. I removed the Bayonet only from its storage bag to inspect and photograph. All of these items are issued items for this M48A Mauser Rifle. I DO NOT HAVE any boxes, manuals, or documentation on this M48A Mauser.

This is NOT a Mitchell Arms Imported M48A. The Importer marks are under the barrel in front of the cleaning rod. The Importer is Numrich Arms and is marked "GCP W. HURLEY NY 8mm".

The Rifle has the Yugo Crest on the receiver and is serial numbered 17900. The Bolt, the Floor Plate, and the Stock also have matching serial numbers of 17900. There are small proof marks all over this M48A Mauser including the stock and butt cap. The stock is either Walnut or Teak. There is a cap for the end of the barrel that covers the front site and is taped to the front barrel. That was place there by the factory or importer. There is also 4 digit number stamped into the barrel that is under the tape for the barrel cap.

The barrel is AS NEW and is bright and shiny. The previous owner did not shoot this M48A. He placed it into his safe after purchase. It is dirty from dried oil and grease. I did not clean or oil this M48A Mauser. What you see is how I purchased it.

Please NO Trade Offers.

My price is $495.00 shipped to an FFL or C&R. I do not have an FFL so your dealer must agree to work with me for shipping.

Sorry but No sales to CA or any of the Banned States.

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