M40 like--Walnut Stock Precision Rifle Build

Discussion in 'Rifles, Bullets, Barrels & Ballistics' started by faitrob, Apr 6, 2010.

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  1. faitrob

    faitrob New Member

    Apr 4, 2010
    I have had a hard time finding an USMC M40 Commemorative I can afford to purchase so now I am considering having something similar built for me.

    What I love about the M40/what I want to build:
    Monte Carlo style walnut stock without any fancy checkering or designs,
    7.62 NATO/.308 win, varmint/heavier than standard barrel, M700 or M70 action
    Light weight: I want something that is light enough to carry around the mountains of western N. Dakota and/or Montana, yet heavy enough to enjoy shooting and accurate enough to enter local long range shooting matches in the future.

    Things I have seen that I like and think would be cool to build, this is where I really need suggestions, as I'm not a gunsmith and only know what I have read on the internet, and some of the things I am thinking of using I've never read of anyone else doing. I am not opposed to technological advances, etc (Pachmayr pad, aluminum bedding, protected muzzle crown) that make the rifle less expensive or improve accuracy, even if it means my rifle will be less like the M40 that inspired it.

    So, I read the SC page about the M40's they used to make and I am using that for many of my suggestions. I like the way the Accurate Innovations stock looks and the fact that it has aluminum bedding.

    Can a gunsmith aluminum and/or glass bed a barreled action in a standard walnut stock ($120-180 from Numrich) for cheaper than the $600+ it would cost for the Accuracy Innovations stock? And the rifle still shoot as well as an Accuracy Innovations bedding job?

    I have nothing against Rem M700s, but I am curious if I could buy an FN action from CDNN (basically a Win M70 action I believe with a one piece rail, sometimes they have them with detachable box mags and/or hinged floorplates) and a :) hot barrel from Krieger/Hart/Shilen/Schneider/Pac-nor, etc and find a gunsmith to put them together for me for a similar price to buying a M700 varmint rifle and selling off the stock?

    What do gunsmiths generally charge for squaring and true-ing an action, and chambering/headspacing, etc a barrel to that action?

    Would this M70 + match barrel shoot as well or better than a M700?

    Would this be expensive enough/a pain in the :) enough that I should pay about $2000 for an M40 commemorative and love it?

    Should I just buy a M700 varmint/tactical and send it to accuracy innovations to put it in a walnut stock? Am I dumb for wanting a walnut stock instead of just buying an entry tactical from SC with the B&C synthetic? I simply prefer the way a wood stock looks on a hunting rifle, yet want my hunting rifle to be accurate enough for tactical-like competitions at the range...


    Thanks for your help!
  2. winmag

    winmag Well-Known Member

    Dec 23, 2009
    IMHO..........Wood stocks are the only way to go for looks/feel/comfort etc, however......before anyone trys to lynch me for not liking tupperware..... It would be wise to get a walnut stock with an aluminum bedding block. And/Or a Laminate with a bedding block. This would curb the ''weather and temp'' issue of wood.
    There are some great innovations with composits/fiberglass and so on, and they would not be so popular if there wasnt something to them. So either way would be a good option, but I just like my rifle to look sexy and feel warm and only wood stocked rifles can fill the nitch for me.
    Now again before anyone jumps all over me for my Opinion, I have seen some down right awesome lookin setups that almost made me drool on the screen, on this site. But Im an old school fan at heart and dont plan on changing anytime soon.
    Oh ya, and Im a Winchester fan too, but I dont know how cost effective the FN setup would be as I have 0 dealings with that route.
    Good luck on your choice, and most of all get what makes YOU happy, and accurise and build it to what YOU want. Im sure youll get Tons of advise and probably most of it good advise too, so take the advise you can use, and run with it, and build YOUR rifle.

    ICANHITHIMMAN Well-Known Member

    Jan 31, 2008
    joel russo can make that stock then all you got to do is get a rem 700 sps and slap it in bingo M40.