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    Dec 12, 2011
    Been reading posts on this site for a while now and decided to participate.

    I'm a fairly avid collector/purchaser of firearms, both rifles and pistols, hunter and private land owner (hunt my own property).

    I shoot match pistol (indoor 50 feet), deer hunt and I'm anticipating some out west trips for elk and mule deer.

    Current inventory (plus reloading equipment for all pertinent calibers) except of course rimfire....

    Savage 111 Long Range Hunter (.338 Lapua) (Leupold VX3 LRT)
    Ruger Mini 14 Target accurized (.223 Remington) (Leupold VX3 LRT)
    1200 Winchester 6 shot pump (12 gage)
    5 AK 47's (7.62/39 and .556 NATO)
    Tarus Stainless Judge (45LC/410)
    Ruger Stainless Bull Barrel .22 Match Target Pistol (accurized/Volquartsen)
    Ruger .22 Charger (accurized Volquartsen)
    Ruger 10-22 Stainless Carbine (accurized Volquartsen)
    Kimber full size 1911 Crimson Carry Ultra (45 Auto) carry gun
    S&W L frame Mdl 27 .44 Magnum 6 shot Revolver (accurized/trigger)
    Bond 45LC/410 2 shot derringer (concealed carry)

    I probably reload and shoot an abuncance of .223 caliber. I lean toward Hornady projectiles, Hornady or Lake City Brass and Hogdon powders. I use a MEC reloader for the 12 gage hulls. I'm planning on reloading the .338 Lapua rounds as I expend them, again with Hogdon powder and Lapua or Hornady projectiles, depending on the grouping at the range.

    I'm currently shooting PPU .338/230 grain FMJBT factory loads with pretty good results. The Lapua/Savage is primarily a long range out west firearm for planned trips. At some point I'll switch to Lapua Brass with Scenar projectiles. I tend to use the .223 Ruger firing Hornady brass with H335 and Hornady VMax ballistic tipped projectiles in 60 grain for deer on my private land with excellent results out to 150 yards and I like Leupold scopes in the VX3 flavor.

    I'll be reading posts and absorbing other's experiences and wisdom and hopefully adding a bit of both, myself.

    To everyone..... May the hunt you go on, yield the experience you desire.