Lubalox and other cleaning questions

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    Jan 24, 2004
    I recently got a model 70 coyote in 270 WSM and almost all the factory ammo availible for it is win supreme and its either CT ballistic silvertips which are coated with the black lubricant lubalox or CT failsafes that are moly coated. I bought 4 boxes of the CT ballistic silvertips because i wanted to start shooting immediately and needed to have some brass to start loading with, mostly since i definately didnt wanna shoot moly coated bullets like failsafes. I have shot most of them now, brushing every few shots with hoppes no. 9 solvent , and have loaded up a bunch of hornady SST bullets to start shooting. According to the nosler website, unlike moly the lubalox will come out of my barrel with regular cleaning so i shouldnt have any left in it now. Is this true or do i need to do anything else to get all of the coating out before i get serious about working up my non-coated handloads?

    Also, should i use JB bore paste? It seems like this would definately get pretty much anything out, but will it harm my bore? My dad is pretty nervous about me using an abbrasive cleaner in my new rifle, but I would like to give it a try to make sure ive gotten all of the crap out, and it seems like a fine abbrasive could maybe even help smoothe out and kind of "lap" the factory bore and maybe help with accuracy?? Ive read on several website of barrel manufacturers, some say definately use and others say never use it.

    Any other cleaning hint??

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    Jan 30, 2004
    There seem to be as many different cleaning methods as there are guys cleaning rifles.
    Everybody seems to have their own way of doing it.
    Some guys are way more concerned with getting their barrels "really clean" than others. Some guys are willing to spend a lot of time and do a lot of scrubbing to get their barrels clean.
    For me I run a bore snake through the barrel a couple times to get the big stuff out, then I shoot a burst of "wipe-out" down the barrel and let it set for an hour or so then I run 2 patchs through it. I repeat this process till the patches come out clean, usually takes about three times.
    That's it, rifle is clean enough for me.
    Been cleaning my rifles this way for awhile now and they shoot great.
    No scrubbing and brushes for me anymore.
    Wipe out is really easy to use, won't harm your barrel and doesn't have any smell.
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    With a new factory tube I shoot 1 and clean with sweets and JB and clean that stuff out with hoppes #9 till cleaning becomes very easy. (usually in less than 10 shots) I never use a brush, just a jag and a tight patch. Than I normaly clean with sweets and #9. Every 1-200 rounds I go at it with the JB stuff also. My first 270 win had close to 4000 rounds through it with this cleaning method before groups started to open up.
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    Apr 29, 2004
    Jon ,
    Saw an article on barrel cleaning from Brendan Atkinson who until recently was a world benchrest champion . No mention of using abrasive cleaners . That's good enough for me .
    Keep it cleaned after every shoot with powder and copper removing solvents and you won't need an abrasive unless it is a bloody rough barrel . Don't leave Sweets or ammonia based cleaners in the barrel for more than 15 minutes .
    Here's a hint :- Don't buy factory ammo with nickel plated cases if you plan to reload them . Eventually the nickel flakes off and reportedly can damage dies .