SOLD/EXPIRED LTW #3 full-house 45 ACP Package for sale

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    This custom stainless steel pistol package was built by 7 custom pistol smiths, 2 custom leather smiths, and 2 custom knife makers (names below and their individual contributions), and raffled off by the Police Officer’s Safety Association for the benefit of the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute for Children. I was lucky enough to win the LTW#3 the custom pistol, leather and knife package in a raffle at the 2007 SHOT SHOW in Orlando, Florida.

    Here is a blog that was written about this pistol, leather, and knife package.$34247

    Here is the link to the organization:

    Actions speak LOUDER THAN WORDS

    This is a full house custom pistol. There is virtually no option that you could opt for in a pistol that was not included in this pistol. As stated on the LTW website, here are the contributions of the various smiths and the work they put into the pistol:

    LTW3# Participants and Contributions:

    • Stan Chen-perfect cut magazine well and one of his proprietary main spring housings.
    • Ned Christiansen did a beautiful beavertail, thumb and slide stop installation.
    • Don Williams did one of his signature "ghosted arrow" patterns on the flattened slide top, and the sight cuts and installation.
    • Chuck Rogers did one of those trigger jobs he is famous for.
    • CT Brian meticulously cut in the 30 lpi checkering front and back.
    • Ted Yost fashioned a pair of ironwood stocks to match the knife. Ted also did the frame and slide fit along with the barrel install.
    • John Harrison provided the final fit and polish.

    • The knife. Neil Blackwood and Jim Burke make some of the finest folding knives found. This knife is beautiful: stainless blade and ironwood make this knife look like it was made for the gun.

    THE LEATHER (Sharkskin)
    • Josh Bulman cranked this black Shark skin rig out along with the dual magazine pouch.
    • Lou Alessi put together a black shark skin carry sheath for the knife. The two together are perfect.





    Forgive the pictures, this pistol is in excellent condition, has had fewer than 400 rounds fired through it,. and was never carried. The leather is pristine and has never been installed on a belt. The Raffle prize was listed at a value of $12,000 (I got a 1099 from the tax man to prove it)

    The first $6,300.00 firm offer to buy it takes it (the selling price is less then the cost of the customizing that went into the pistol) – the price INCLUDES delivery to your FFL. I am also open to a trade or partial trade for a rifle with either magnum or 338 Lapua bolt face (the only handgun that I would potentially have an interest is a 4 or 6" Colt Python in excellent condition.)