LRI built Defiance Rebel .223 Wylde LeftHand ... McMillan A4 ... SAS Sentinel Suppressor


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Mar 9, 2013
Ormond Beach, FL
Hey all! 😀

I'm selling my very lightly used LongRifles INC built Defiance Machine Rebel .223 Wylde LeftHand build.
Only 40 rounds of 69gr FGMM, & about 60 rounds of my 75gr Hornady BTHP/8208XBR reloads, loaded for my SR15, fired down the pipe. Without any tweaking at all, or serious accuracy tests, it shot consistently .5"-.65" groups at 100meters.

I'm letting this beautiful build go to thin the herd, find someone who'll shoot it more than myself, and have funds go towards some awesome plans (including a Knight's UNS-LR A2, and a Vectronix PLRF25C).

Smooth as silk to run and the SAS suppressor is dang quiet!

- Defiance Rebel Left Handed action (Sheep Port cut) (Defiance's Medium spec action / Rem700 Short Action Length)
- 10moa picatinny rail
- Integral Recoil lug
- Defiance Xtra deep bolt flutes
- Defiance Tactical Long bolt handle
- Defiance Recessed bolt face

- McMillan A4 (Sniper Fill)
- Saddle Adjustable Cheek Rest
- 4" front/Bipod picatinny rail rail
- Aluminum action pillars installed at McMillan
- 13.5" LOP (1" Decelerator Pad)
- Front/Rear Right side QD sling cups installed at McMillan
- McMillan Forest Camo

- SAS Sentinel Suppressor (5.56 bore & direct thread 1/2x28)

- TriggerTech Diamond LH Flat Trigger
- MullerWorks M24 Contour Stainless Steel Barrel 1:7.5 twist ... Finished to 22" length ... Threaded/crowned 1/2x28 with LRI custom thread protector
- Badger Ordnance M4 Steel Bottom Metal/BDL ... I replaced the hex action screws with torx head action screws (like the ones included with the M5 DBM's)
- Remington Stainless Steel 223 magazine internals

- Badger EFR cut at McMillan, & installed at LRI (Badger EFR side rail included)
- Chambered 223 Wylde at LRI
- Barreled Action Cerakoted Sniper Green at LRI
- Badger M4 BDL Cerakoted Patriot Brown at LRI

- The rifle will be tightly padded in a BlackHawk rifle case, then packed in a tough/double walled ULINE box

I'm near Daytona Beach, FL. If you're a FL resident, we can do a transfer in person for the rifle and submit the Form4 to the ATF then (no FFL is needed), and meet up one last time after when I receive the approved Form4 (I am the Transferor, you are the Transferee)


If you live out of State, since these are in my possession, I will ship the rifle to your preferred FFL/SOT, and I will eat the cost ($265, total) to Form4 Transfer the SAS Sentinel to my local FFL/SOT, and have them Form3 transfer/ship it to your Dealer.

My wait times are a lot less than the average, let's say the ATF/NFA knows me VERY well 😅, so either Form4 from me will arrive sooner, especially when transferring to my Dealer.

Don't hesitate to shoot me a PM / ask a question! 🦅 🇺🇸

I won't be parting these out.










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