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Just wanted to say I met Dave King and Boyd Heaton, and that they are two really nice, geniunely good guys! It was great to finally put a name and a face together.

I watched some of the video with Boyd that Boyds buddy made.. this thing will make a believer out of anyone ESPECIALLY Bill T.. from what Boyd and the maker of the video were saying these guys were using SMK's and A-Maxes out to 1K. The deer never knew what hit 'em.... and they fer sure couldn't tell the difference between a hunting bullet or a target bullet. Most of the animals hit never even run after the shot they are basically dead on their feet. Great, great shots and footage of the vapor trails and bullet turbulence as the bullet approaches the target.

See ya at the show.....


I realize you were real busy and so were we,
Your video will put NO Doubt in any non believers mind, great job.

Anyone who has any interest in LRH need to view this video. Great real life footage. I have had the oportuninty to see lots and lots of hunting video's most are all Dolled up with effects and "perfect shots" of "perfect oportunities" this video is real guys doing real LRH.

Butch I'll try to get my copy this week, should be a little slower....
I'll definitely take you up on that. I have been looking for some good spots and thought that area might be good. I'll shoot you an email after the show.
Good job on the video. My addiction grows daily.

Do you know if the Mosquito Creek Sportsmen are at the show? We're interested it applying for the Coyote Hunt this weekend and possibly signing up at the show instead of going to the club.


Hope to see you at the show tomorrow (Wednesday). Your in display 383 in the travel section if I remember correctly.

My wife and I will be coming down. I won't be too hard to pick out. I'm the one with the "Orange Size" mole on the tip of my nose.
It does get in the way of looking in the scopes sometime but, I've learned to live with it.

See you there.
Darryl Cassel
Dan.I did not see them.But I was really busy helping Butch with his video.I did'nt get to walk around much.I know where there is a couple coyotes.I have to run up and sign up too.I might run up Thursday night.

I'm still fighting to get up for the shoot, I might not be able to get there Friday. My latest project deadline got moved to 15 Feb 2002, it was scheduled for July 2002. I'm kinda stuck right now but I'll work on it.
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