LR stag in Italy


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Jun 25, 2003
Aussie in Italy
On the weekend I get to one of my favourite places for hunting red stag in the mountains here in Italy.
Despite some nasty winds, we were presented with an opportunity on a sub adult management stag at 684m (759 yards).
We had set up on a pinnacle which gave us views all round, and as usual there were a few deer about.
I had already passed up a similar stag in the hope of seeing a big one, so this one had to come down the mountain with us. They have a quote that they must fill, otherwise the following years less tags are given, and this stag didn’t look like he was ever going to grow into a giant.
The wind, luckily for this shot, was from 8 o’clock and he was basically sheltered by the ridge we had positioned ourselves on. I gave it one click spin drift and another two for a quarter value at 6 m/sec, one click less for the incline and sent the CEB 225gn LZR on its’ way from my Blaser R8 Success in .338 win mag.
The deer collapsed on the spot and rolled back off the ridge out of sight.
So far, in hunting conditions this has been my longest shot and also the most challenging conditions. The wind was gusting to 40 mph at times! It was so satisfying to see the impact on the stag exactly where my crosshairs indicated, since with Vektor Maskin brake, and heavy scope, the rifle hardly moves under recoil.
Hopefully I’ll be back before season ends and find a big fellah. We did see a giant, but he was with a group of 5 other nice stags, running panicked from someone or something we were not able to determine.


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Very cool!
Can you give more details on the terminal performance of the CEB LZR at that Also the impact velocity, so we can get an idea of what the projectile will do.
The terminal performance is something I'm still not sold on with these bullets.
In terms of long range, I have also taken a zebra at 628m (690 yards) which left me with some questions and doubts.

In this instance impact velocity was around 1850fps and the bullet clipped the bottom of the spine, went through the center of one lung and clipped the other, exiting, leaving a ragged hole in the ribcage. However the internal organs were not all churned up, and there wasn't much bruising in the tissue at the exit site.

The zebra must have been around 2000fps impact velodity and I shot it three times. The first shot was properly placed behind the shoulder and hit the lungs/top of the heart. This bullet exited leaving a smallish ragged hole. The next shot was quartering away and the thrid was when the animal was down. I think these shots deviated within the animal.
The animals' reaction at the first shot was good, there was no need to shoot again, but I wanted to test the bullets. The zebra was rearing and kicking, so as soon as it was still I took the oportunity to end it quicker.

I did not get to do the butchering on this animal, and was only presented with two recovered bullets. These were not expanded, rather just slightly twisted and had obviously tumbled, having damage at wither ends and the sides of the bullets.

I will say that my friend shot a zebra at 350 yards and the bullet performed as described by CEB, leaving a central exit hole with three radial holes around it where the petals sheared off and continiued. I have also shot two fallow deer with it, and on both those shots it performed as it should have.

I suspect that these bullets need a fair bit of speed to perform properly, and the .338 win mag is possibly not quite enough gun to use them at these ranges.

I will keep testing it and see if I can get a definitive answer, hopefully I'll get a shot at that big stag I'm after.
I have been looking into the 225gr LZR for a .338 RUM. I was thinking they would open pretty quick since they are rated as expanding down to 1400 fps.
Doesn't seem to be the case.
I took this picture in front of the meatroom, but it's not very flattering. I dont find the Blasers to be particularly nice to look at but mine is pretty bas *** I rekon.
Ill have to dedicate a photo session to it.
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