Jun 11, 2003
Just like to say I think this is a great site with excellent info,
I do have one of those lousey ACCUMARK'S in 30-378. Shoots .9 at 200yrds out the box with factory ammo (180BT),5 shot group

I am new to this. But have always enjoyed shooting varmits at loonnnng ranges. I recently acquired a 700VS SF in 220 Swift and have topped it with a VarXIII 4.5 X 14.5 50MM. Please keep posting all your tips and insight.

Nice to meet all of you...............OTTO
Welcome aboard, this has to be the best site for shooting, anywhere on the web!!!!!!!

Frank D
Welcome to the addictive world of distant prey, expensive optics, and a bench top full of weird tools.

Great to be human, eh?!
Great to have another on board and welcome.But beware of the bug. when it bites, it bites real hard at the seat of your pants where your wallet is.
Thanks for all the replies and welcomes. This is one of the best forums. I rate it right up there with Accuratereloading and Marlin Talk (I do like lever guns).................................OTTO
Almost forgot to say, i had my first experience with a 220 Swift today when Dad and I were at the range. A gentleman had an early 40X and a new barrel he was just getting going while playing with seating depth a little. He wanted to fire a round over the Oehler 43 I had set up before he left, as he was just curious about its MV mainly. He guessed it was at 3850 with the 52gr Bruno bullet and 41gr Win760 at 3.370 to the ogive... it went 3768 fps.

He was still happy and it shot real sweet too!
A real nice rifle I should have gotten a picture of.
Howdy Otto. Sounds like you should call that one a "Scattermark"
Obviously not good for much beyond a mile or so.
I'm one of those weird fools Holmes mentioned. Oh, he said 'tools', never mind. Welcome aboard.
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