LR Hunting from box stands...Ideas? What works for you?


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Oct 3, 2009
Northeast MS
In the southeast we don't have all of this open hilly terrain that lends itself to prone field shooting for deer. While I do enjoy shooting my LR rifle prone, most of my hunting is done from elevated, totally enclosed, shooting houses. We have windows that open and have a bench area built in front of the windows. Just curious what some of you other guys that hunt this way do about gun rests. Do you still use the bipod and rear bag? Or do you just use a front and rear sandbag? Most of my places have these stands overlooking large agricultural fields and gas pipeline rights of way surrounded by timber with shots going from 200 to 800 yards. Merry Christmas!
I use a sand bag that hangs over the window and a shooting stick in the rear. If I can then get my right elbow to the side of the stand for additional lateral support I can get steady enough to shoot long range.
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