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    May 3, 2001
    T/C is bringing out a heavy-barreled version of their relatively new .22 Classic (semi-auto .22lr). It is VERY accurate, at least prototype #5 is. Shot very close to 1" 10-shot groups at 100 yards. Heavy barrel with a very nice fitting laminated stock (target-style) by Boyds. Trigger was light and crisp. Had a big Leupold 6-20 or something on it and it was a sweet shooter - I ran them out of ammo at their show and tell. I really like the Ruger 10-22 and this is obviously the competition. Big difference is that the T/C has a steel receiver, walnut stock, better finished.

    They also have a new 10-shot clip - the original five shot clips were totally unacceptable for a trigger-pulling freak like myself. My first experience with that clip was on a Texas pond that was over-run with snapping turtles that were eating all the stocked bass. Five shots per turtle was about right, but then I was out of ammo. Too much down time, need biggg mags.

    The clip is very simple and very strong - I told them that their clip must be strong enough to be driven over by a pickup truck, since we have done that with 10-22 clips. I believe that this clip will pass that test. It also comes completely apart for cleaning very easily and has a "speed-loader" attachment that simplifies loading rounds.

    How does this fit into LR Hunting. I intend to shoot p-dogs and gophers with it next summer out to 200 - 250 and that should be considered fairly long for a rimfire.
    So ends my T/C commercial. [​IMG]