LR get together Speed Goat hunt... info.



Ok after working out my schedual and talking to game and fish and hopefully getting onto the private land ( fingers crossed ) here is waht i have as of this morning.... details and finalization tommorrow..

Hunt will be Oct 1st ( ish ) for as many days as the group wants up until Oct 10th.

Bad news is that only 6 guys can apply as 1 group.

So I will not hunt..

I will help Butch make video or spot for hunters or whatever needs to be done to pull this off...

We can apply as 2 groups but the odds of both groups gettin tags is slim at best...

What I need are the Most serious of hunters that will send me the money on MONDAY!

I will fill out all the apps and send them in this way if there is a mistake you all can chew my ***.... ;-)

Like I mentioned before I am not charging my guest rates to you bunch of freaks but I do not want this to cost me money however, so my wife says that paying for food and a donation would help....My wife and I will do all the cooking unless y'all wanna help. The rest is up to you guys.. ( between me and you guys .. this is gonna be fun so I'm not all that worried...)
I hope some of ya drive out as I need help driving you guys to the areas to hunt with all the equipment and stuff....

ok I think thats it until tommorrow morning...
OK more info....

I talked to game and fish again.. loks like the areas around my place will only offer a 22% chance of drawing.. I have some other things in the works.. An area in Gelette..( private property ) and an area near Casper.. WAY much better draw percentage rate... Only thing is we'll be on the hook for motels and food, may have to pay a tresspass fee some places BUT..... still wil not have to hire outfitters so we still save bundles of money..
These hunts are Sept. and Oct times.

Sept. and october sound good to me. Here in Pa. the deer season doesn't start until Novemebr so our hunting schedule is wide open.
O.K. Ric we still need to know the cost. and appox dates that way I can maybe tell my wife I'm going on a business trip
Never been that far west would be a nice trip only about 1250 miles to casper how much further?

Wife says she needs another diamond. [/B]
Cody would have ben great but better odds of drawing a good idea.Dont see the motel & food being a major problem.Let me know the best way to get the funds to you for license.
That is if the others are interested in having the range impaired along=CJ
Hi Ric

I know this will be dictated by seasons and your other commitments, but is there any chance this could be a week or two earlier? I might be able to squeeze it in, but Oct 1 is too late for me. It would be real nice to meet up with some of the guys off the list and get in some hunting. Its just not that easy for me to juggle everything I want to do in the US.


I think I found what we are looking for ( with a littel help from a new member )
OK I asked around for a GOOD area with a better chance of drawing. Here's what I/we came up with.
Area 47 ( just south of Casper )
here are some quotes from a guy who has hunted it.

"The area I have hunted is within the perimeter of the loop
formed by Hwy 487 and 77. This is 60 miles due south of Casper. Most of
this area is BLM and the goats are plentiful. Not known for producing
trophies, but there are some respectable animals there. Plenty of
opportunity for the long stuff. Access is good and you shouldn't have any
problem getting equipment into the interior of the area. Wind is to be
expected so your guys should be prepared as such."

"I don't know what the draw odds for #47 are, but my friends and I have
always drawn successfully for years. Get a BLM map for Shirley Basin for
property identification"

So what do y'all think.... I looked at maps of the area and it is ALL easily accessable by vehicle and there are enough roads that we can get our equipment in without haveing to carry it to far.

The season Opens Sept 25th.

Like I said this means staying in a motel or somthing, eating our etc. but I feel our chances of drawing are better and our opportunity for the majority of us conecting are better.

Gotta make a descision soon I have to have licenses in to Cheyenne by the 15th!!!

OK now for the pricing..

$195.00 for the normal application price
$295.00 for the "special" application price which increase our chance of drawing!!!!!

bascially if you pay a higher price you are essentially put into 2 drawing pools. One for the normal drawing and a second for those who pay a higher price. So we have 2 chances to get drawn. If we do not draw you get all but $10.00 back!!!
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