Love this van !!!


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Dec 20, 2008
Great Falls, MT
Mixed emotions do I laugh or cry? If they can pass legislation without opportunity to read the bill, what else are they willing to do?
You should have tipped the guy driving that van ! Every one seems to set around hush hush about the issues at hand glad to see someone has some bal/s.

I liked the Pg. 114 line 22......

Better enjoy our freedom now and hope we dont have another 4 years of thislightbulb

If it is "good enough for us" then it should be good enough for them!! The system is flawed when they can pass things of this nature and in return they dont have to live by them. (Crooked)
HARPERC - Very very very sad but true :(.

bigbuck - I got it via e-mail and was just sharing it. Tipped the driver? LOL, I would done it in a heart beat. :D

I hear you both!
I might wrong, but, don't elected officials get health care for life, free!

I believe your right . I found out today at work.
I work with a bunch of democrats soooo I toook a pic of the van with my sell phone and showed it to all the tree huggers @ work LOL

I still believe we would be better off if what they pass Dems or Republicans they where held to the same standards. One more step in a socialists direction ..........

Sorry to high jack but if they can get that kind of deal" life time health care" then I say every service men that has spent time at war should automatically get it !!
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